Safety & Health Consulting Services in Accommodation Sector

Safety and Health Standards in Accommodation Sector


Accommodation seems to be one of the most profitable businesses sectors of last decades. Millions of travelers move around the world and billions are spending in order to satisfy visitor’s needs. However, it seems that welfare is not the only priority in accommodation business. Safety of the travelers turns to be one of the most important parameters, regardless their destination of choice. Safety standards have been increased and new rules have been introduced involving not only premises safety but also risk management and staff awareness.


Already, ABTA – The Travel Association and the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO), has prepared a code in order to establish a worldwide common standard for accommodation safety, approved also from leading Tour Operator around the globe (such as TUI Group, Thomas Cook, Jet2holidays and others). The compliance with these standards is evaluated every year through third party audits and the conformity scoring is an important value for future collaboration with Tour Operators.


Our Safety Services


With experience of more than 15 years in Safety Consulting, we can support you to plan, implement, inspect and review your Hotel’s Safety Strategy in order to minimize the risk for clients, employees and interested parties. Our task is to establish a process for the continuous acknowledgment of hazard identification, risk assessment and implementation of the necessary corrective measures. Supported by a strong team of professional engineers and experts, our company has the capability to support your business safety among below topics:

      1. Safety Risk Management
      2. Fire Safety
      3. Pool safety
      4. Waterpark safety
      5. Food Hygiene
      6. Pest control management
      7. Children’s safety
      8. Fuel and Energy safety
      9. Transportation safety
      10. Legionella prevention
      11. Prevention of spread of infection
      12. Natural disasters
      13. Incident management and investigation


Our approach relays on the famous 4-stage management method of Deming (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and consists on the four below steps:

      1. Risk Assessment on your organization based on global accommodation Safety Standards. Conducting on and off-site audits using analytical checklists and self assessment tools, we collect non conformities and failures to conform.
      2. Gap Analysis between your current performance and worldwide acceptable standards (e.g. ABTA-FTO technical guide etc). High and Low Level Key performance indicators (KPIs) are introduced in order to measure your performance against key business safety objectives.
      3. Corrective actions are introduced aiming to minimize risks and increase Hotel’s compliance with global Safety Standards. Technical interventions, organizational changes or training could be some of the proposed actions.
      4. Follow up on your organization performance is planned in order to ensure that all actions taken have the maximum effectiveness. In case of deflections, extra measures are introduced.


Client Benefits


We take pride in delivering value-added services by helping our clients to:

      1. Introduce a robust Safety Policy among all accommodation activities
      2. Reinforce defense lines towards clients claims
      3. Get prepared for third party audits from Tour Operators.
      4. Strengthen company’s image

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