Risk Management with Bow Ties

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Bowtie diagrams are not just another risk assessment method. They are powerful tools for barrier based risk management. By identifying hazards, top events, threats, consequences and barriers and arranging them in their designated places in the diagrams a visual summary is created that demonstrates causal relationships in high risk scenarios.


ProAct’s engineers have conducted numerous Bowtie sessions in different industry sectors helping companies worldwide visualize risks, identify, analyze and assess barriers and communicate them throughout the organization. Each diagram is prepared incorporating the level of detail required by the company such as risk assessment results, elements of the safety management system, barrier rating in terms of effectiveness, complexity, etc. using the BowTieXP software by CGE Risk Management Solutions.


Bowtie training workshops are also provided, where the Bowtie methodology is explained through interactive examples and industry-specific case studies.




ProAct is a value added partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions having been trained in Bowtie risk analysis as well as the application of it in CGE software solutions.

Why Bow Ties?

    • Effectively communicate hazards and key risk controls to all level workforce in order to facilitate understanding of their role in risk management
    • Identify safety critical equipment and implement a risk-based preventive maintenance plan
    • Identify safety critical tasks and develop focused training
    • Determine revision requirements of the safety management system
    • Perform risk-based safety audits to monitor barrier performance
    • Quantify Bow Ties to obtain a diagrammatic and comprehensible LOPA study

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